I just received my packet.

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I just received my packet.

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I have a lot of reading to do, but I wanted to say thank you for being so prompt. I have been listening to the podcasts you sent and I agree with the fact that we have to get women more involved in the formation of the Republic. As far as working on the podcasts, I worked for over ten years as a commercial radio DJ. I also have an Associates degree in radio and television broadcasting. My knowledge is somewhat dated considering its been over fifteen years since I did any radio work, but I would be more than happy to help in any way I can. One thing you mentioned was the lack of comedy bits you could use. One person you may not have heard of before is Brother Dave Gardner, you could also use some bits from Justin Wilson or Jerry Clower. I know they are all southern comedians, but they are also usually the ones who are more prone to express ideas similar to our own.

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Re: I just received my packet.

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I'm glad you got the packet so quickly. Do give it a proper reading since it lays out a lot of the material we need people to get their hands on right away. Oddly enough, RFN has played a handful of comedy bits over the time it's been on. Comedy is a hard thing to do in White Nationalist circles for several reasons, but thanks for the input. There's a certain chance Mr. Covington will look for more as he sees fit.
A. W. Donner

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