Revolution and problems with the US military

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Revolution and problems with the US military

Post by WhiteRaven »

Reading "movement" criticisms of the NF I often hear people cry that the US military is far more powerful than the way HAC depicts it in the novels. To be fare the US military is still one of the most deadly forces on the planet. I would, however like to call your attention to some current trends going on in the military. I was was watching the Joe Rogan podcast the other day and this military spokesman said some very interesting things on the problems of filling combat positions.
Full disclosure this guy was accused of planting artifacts on a show he does for the history channel.

Imagine these trends continuing over the next ten to twenty years, particularly in light of expanded wars in Syria and Iran, the rise of China as a great power, and the in ability of the US to keep Latin America in the empire.

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Re: Revolution and problems with the US military

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Very true. It's also the case that despite the US Military being as dangerous as it is, it is regularly beaten by the most primitive of opposition forces when they're correctly motivated and capable of taking serious, if not risky, action.
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Re: Revolution and problems with the US military

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the dam viet-cong with frickin rat holes the sna with boom sticks and bodies no matter how skinny no need to bring up all the critters in dunes north of the sna but still the UNITED STATES MILITARY claims we are most powerful. My response met anyone in the spetsnaz? 8-) i don't think so Herr. Covnington talks about your trouble trios you might wanna take notes organizing a team and training with your team will make you far more effective then any squad in our modern day "military yes are well supplied but that "theoretically'' speaking could change literally overnight see examples above. in the pacific northwest we are have something i dont really see any where else in the world the changes in terrain my personal scouting ive seen ocean to forest to grassland to mountain all with in hour lets look at the direction again personally scouting mountian to wood land to grass land to dessert in little more then three hours small hit and run tactics with what i call little "bad PR" fear and them knowing sending supplys to there men is just feeding our campaign. not only that know those whites boys in the service with political correct family they see what we can when we act the part they will follow. another thing i wanna point out look at how wasteful the united states military has been ive been to multiple abandoned coastal forts i dont know on any inland but would love to have me a vist if anyone in the homeland knows of any
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Re: Revolution and problems with the US military

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I was in the Australian Regular Army, and going through recruitment was like going through rehab. Half the recruits were running away from drug addiction. At the end of training they did deserve they're Skippy Badge but 3 years later half the Battlion was popping pills on the clubs. My ambitions in the military were shattered, the day my orders came that our Iraq mission was to provide personal protection and escort a homosexual diplomat. In the brief we were told we will have to stand outside on gaurd outside his hotel while he had his boyfriend in with him..... I was eventually kicked out of the Army. DON'T BELIEVE HOLLYWOOD. Not all fighters want to fight battles, most would put up with shit just to get that big bank balance after a deployment, I'm serious. But a lot of military personnel ARE looking for a fight, for a cause that deserves them!

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Re: Revolution and problems with the US military



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