Trump Disappointment Depression

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Trump Disappointment Depression

Post by AJs »

This new topic is a place to vent how "Trump Disappointment Depression" is affecting you.

While there was not a real choice last election, Whites elected Trump. He is in effect the white Obama, in that both Trump and The magic nigger did and are doing absolutely nothing for their respective races who actually elected them to office. All that is constantly shoved in our faces is that niggers spics and women (not white women) unemployment is down. Some summit with black this or that. We as whites who elected by Trump are essentially being forgotten as our communities are over run by mutes of various subspecies. Race mixing continues unchecked, degeneracy of mentally ill homosexuals continues to be tough in the schools effecting the most innocent of whites, our children. Suicide and hopelessness continues at record levels for white men, and is never mentioned.

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Re: Trump Disappointment Depression

Post by sorenerickson »

It had me a year or two back, but after reading about all the things he promised and never followed up with, I gave up on trumpism and came around to white nationalism. Honestly, trump’s “betrayal” was one of the driving factors to my coming here, to the NF. So overall, it’s a good thing for our race. A wake-up call, so to speak.

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Re: Trump Disappointment Depression

Post by andydonner »

My own variant of Trump Disappointment Syndrome isn't so much with Trump since I had been educated in what system politics really are - even before becoming anything resembling a White Nationalist. With the right background, everything Trump said and did was transparently a dog whistle to get people who don't normally vote to support him. Anyone familiar with his background knew quite well that he had been a life-long Democrat and supports every moderately left idea about every political issue imaginable.

My disappointment is in the people who, despite having learned everything they needed to about the Butler Plan and the Northwest Imperative, decided to dump the sole viable solution to White Genocide to get on the Trump train.

That disappointment is definitely coming to a middle.
A. W. Donner

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Re: Trump Disappointment Depression

Post by Hammerheart »

I have next to nothing, besides tactless vulgarity, to add to Andy Donner's comment, or AJ's.
I am not really depressed over Trump. It has, however, affected me over whites' reactions (total agreement with Donner).
DT is a scumbag. Comrade Donner put it in polite language.
Actually, the fact that DT has no idea how to be a real statesman, & can only barely manage to act presidential for a matter of minutes once in a long while, of itself bodes ill. Maybe one of these days his lacksadaisical approach to his speech, texting etc will trigger armed conflict, or a financial crash, something with serious real-world repercussions.
If anything (& I'm sure you guys have a much better sense of what's going on out there with people than I do) DT is doing a variation of what I wrote about in some of my emails: namely, disillusioning whites. He's doing it somewhat differently than the way I envisioned with a somewhat different set of emphases, but it works out to the same thing in the end: carefully stage-managed white nationalism that remains harmless, high in emotional content, low (like, down around zero) in substance.
Beyond that, I would be very surprised if we are not seeing the long-term installation of a political dynasty that may affect America for decades to come, of members of the DT family (from sons to the jew son-in-law, & so on).
If I am correct, Trumpism is what a carefully stage-managed Globalist takeover designed to look like a populist, even nationalist, movement, looks like.

HAC already said it: "whites have been conditioned to feel, not think (be rational, critical thinking, etc)": but he didn't go into the reason WHY: which I think is fair to say is pretty much up to American Protestantism in the "frontier" form it took, altho we have to be careful with that term since the "Burned-Over District" was in New York, not Wyoming or California. Americans (not just Americans, to be sure) are addicted to feel-good-ism, as manifested most especially in the religious sphere. "The Holy Spirit" pretty much equates to an "erupting Id" of hyperemotionalism (which for some inexplicable reason never works in a WN, 14Words direction). This is separate from, but operates in tandem with, the 'end of the world/End Times' belief of so many whites (again: could operate in a WN, 14W direction, but for no apparent reason, never does). I really do wonder if HAC fully understood the problem & was reticent to discuss it, or if he didn't fully understand it (I incline towards the former).
I guess the thinking has been, & continues to be, that there's not a damn thing anybody can do about it, so the best we can do is hope for a "great orator" who is like Jimmy Swaggart, Tony Robbins et al raised a power or 3 or 4 in his ability to emotionally manipulate people, his charismatic personality etc towards WN ends; & until he shows up, we can do nothing. Then DT showed up, 'the dictator'-lite. *sigh*

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Re: Trump Disappointment Depression

Post by elgringo »

Hammerheart wrote: Actually, the fact that DT has no idea how to be a real statesman, & can only barely manage to act presidential for a matter of minutes once in a long while, of itself bodes ill. Maybe one of these days his lacksadaisical approach to his speech, texting etc will trigger armed conflict, or a financial crash, something with serious real-world repercussions.
I would put $1000 down on that we have a HUGE financial crash within the next 1-2 years that will be much much worse than the 2008 crash. They have been putting hundreds of billions (if not trillions by now) into repo programs to prop up the financial system. Thankfully I have a large chunk saved up to buy a home when this happens and have been stocking up on ammo/guns/non perishable food, but for everyones sake I hope it doesn't because it'll cause a civil war most likely which when these people relying on gov't to fund them through the nanny state find out they aren't getting money there will be a lot of people going around robbing and killing. Right now Trump is going through a soft coup sadly. But I am disappointed that he hasn't gotten the border done, he hasn't kept his promises on keeping and/or rolling back gun laws and finishing the border.

I also agree about his son in law jew Kushner, He also has lost A LOT of pro firearm and white nationalist voters in 2020. They all say they wanna rip the bandaid off and get this shit on already even though it'll fracture the country for a long time. Russia has openly stated that if this is to happen they will support anti-gov troops. He does seem all talk no action but I have to give it to him that the jews/deep state/democrats have been pushing for a coup since day 1 of his presidency so he can't really pass bills (despite him being REAL fast on passing red flag laws/bump stop ban). I even did a FOIA about how many crimes if ever were bumpstockj involved in and the letter I got back said there were absolutely 0 which completely kills the Las Vegas narrative.

It also seems like he has a higher loyalty to Israel than he does to America. If he wanted to, he could completely STOP traffic coming in which is 100% changing demographics (example the most recent elections ALL being democrat because of the demographic change from normal Americans that are white to lots of browns from over the border who were released in the interior). Trumps border security is pathetic, if there is any really.
I'd prefer dangerous freedom than peacefully in slavery -T.J.

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