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Reading List

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After a few decades of Christian-Zionist indoctrination, I'm working on increasing my knowledge base and library. Using the NF reading list as a starting point, perusing through the thoughtcrime blog, and searching on these forums, I've compiled a slightly larger list to acquire and digest.

This list is enough to keep me busy for at least a few years, but I'd still appreciate any other literature recommendations anyone might have. I'm specifically interested in books that give a non-white-washed American history where George Washington isn't a demi-god, etc.

Aryan Fiction:

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   Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan
      Sir Nigel - Another superb medieval swashbuckler.
      The White Company - Sequel to Sir Nigel.
   Hoffman, Michael II
      A Candidate for the Order - Ripping good read. Get it.
   Holland, Celia
      The Kings In Winter - Medieval Ireland novel.
   Huxley, Aldous
      Brave New World - Futuristic novel of PC gone berserk.
   Koestler, Arthur
      Darkness At Noon - A novel of Stalin's bloody purges.
   London, Jack
      The Iron Heel - "Third Position" cult novel. Dated but good.
   Llewellyn, Morgan
      Bard - Fictional history of Bronze Age Ireland.
      Red Branch - The story of Cuchulain of Ulster. Mystical.
   Marshall, Edison
      The Viking - The ultimate Viking novel! Five stars!
   Pauling, Leonard
      Starkadder - Nordic mysticism at its most weird and bloody.
   Porter, Jane
      The Scottish Chiefs - Good Braveheart-style swashbuckling.
   Raspail, Jean
      The Camp of the Saints - Prophetic tale of mass mud immigration.
   Shipway, George
      Agamemnon - Trojan War. A-1
         #1 - Warrior In Bronze
         #2 - King In Splendour
      Imperial Governor - Ripping good tale of Roman Britain.
      Knight In Anarchy - Medieval swashbuckler. Very good.
      Walter Tirel - Superb medieval series.
         #1 - The Paladin
         #2 - The Wolf Time 
   Waltari, Mika
      The Dark Angel - Medieval historical. Depressing but good.
Aryan History:

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   Beowulf - Ancient Saxon epic poem, full of blood and guts. Great stuff!
   Poetic Edda - Norse epic poem.
   Ceasar, Julius
      The Conquest of Gaul - Roman method versus Celtic courage.
   Cellini Benvenuto
      The Autobiography of Benvenuto Cellini - The ultimate Renaissance man. Witty and fun.
   Creasey, Edward
      The Fifteen Decisive Battles of The World - Military history.
   Kemp, Arthur
      The March of the Titans: The Complete History of the White Race - spans 350 centuries.
   Hoskins, Richard Kelly
      Our Nordic Race - A good basic introduction.
   McCrum, Robert & MacNeil, Robert & Cran, William
      The Story of English
   Prescott, William H.
      The Conquest of Mexico - 500 White men gain an empire.
   Thomas, Hugh
      The Spanish Civil War - The good guys win one, for a change.
   Tuchman, Barbara
      A Distant Mirror - A social history of 14th century France.
      The Guns of August - How Western civilization perished.
      The Proud Tower - Europe at its height before World War One.
      Anabasis (The March Up Country) - Epic of ancient Greek courage.

Jews and the Slave Trade:

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   Davis, Natalie Zemon
      Braided Histories

   Nation of Islam
      The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews
The Jewish Question:

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   The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion - Zionist planning document.

   Begin, Menachem
      The Revolt - How the Jews seized Palestine by violence.
   Butz, Dr. Arthur
      The Hoax of the Twentieth Century - Revisionist classic.
   Dimont, Max
      A History of the Jews - Arrogant, boastful, paranoid Yiddishkeit.
   Ford, Henry
      The International Jew - This one still gets the hebes gibbering.
   Ginsberg, Benjamin
      The Fatal Embrace: Jews and the State

   Grimstad, William
      Anti-Zion compiled - Hard to obtain but good.

   Harwood, Richard
      Did Six Million Really Die? Good intro to Revisionism.

   Hoffman, Michael
      Holohoax Comic - Ve haff vays of makink you laff!
      Judaism Discovered

   Herzl, Theodor
      The Jewish State - The foundation of Zionist thought.

   Leuchter, Fred
      The Leuchter Report

   Lilienthal, Alfred
      The Zionist Connection - How Zionism works in practice.

   Mahler, Horst
      The End of Jewish Wandering

   Mearsheimer, John & Walt, Stephen
      The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy

   Pinay, Maurice
      The Plot Against The Church

   Roth, Sammy
      Jews Must Live - Gives away a lot of their trade secrets.

   Solzhenitsyn, Alexandr
      200 Years Together - details the 200 year-long history of Jews in Russia
   Twain, Mark
      Concerning the Jews
   Weiss, Philip
      American Taboo: A murder in the peace Corps
   White, Bill
      Serpent's Blood
Marxist Socialism:

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   The God That Failed - Various authors, all ex-Communists. To the point.
   Orwell, George
      Animal Farm - Classic allegory about Communist society.
      Down and Out In Paris and London - Early Communist polemic.
      The Road to Wigan Pier - The beginning of his disillusionment.
   Beaty, John
      The Iron Curtain Over America

   Britton, Frank L.
      Behind Communism - THE basic introduction to the subject.

   Chambers, Whittaker
      Witness - The best written work on American Communism.

   Collier & Horowitz      
      Destructive Generation - Bad-mouths the 60s. A-1.

   Conlon, Joseph
      The Troubles - Another readable, jaundiced look at the 60s.

   Conquest, Robert
      Harvest of Sorrow - The Ukraine famine which killed millions.
      The Greate Terror - Mass murder in 1930s Russia.

   Lyons, Eugene      
      The Red Decade - First rate! Now almost impossible to find.

   Marx, Karl & Engels, Frederich
      Communist Manifesto

   Solzhenitsyn, Aleksandr
      One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich - Fiction.

   Timerman, Jacobo      
      Cuba - Even this lefty Jew can't say much good about Fidel.

   Valtin, Jan
      Out of the Night - Story of a Communist agent in 1930s Germany.
National Socialism:

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   Codreanu, Corneliu
      For My Legionaries - Leader of Romanian Iron Guard.

   Pierce, William L.
      George Lincoln Rockwell: A National Socialist Life

   Wegener, Gen. Otoo
      Hitler: Memoirs of a Confidant by Gen Otto Wegener - Good read.

   Flood, Charles Bracelen
      Hitler: The Path To Power by Charles Bracelen Flood - Surprisingly unbiased.

   Rockwell, George Lincoln
      In Hog Signo Vinces - Superb short introduction.
      This Time The World - Very hard to obtain.
      White Power - THE book for American NS.

   Hitler, Adolf
      Mein Kampf - The foundation of Aryan racial renewal. Essential.

   Höhhne, Heinze
      The Order of the Death’s Head - The book that converted HAC to National Socialism.

   Goebbels, Dr. Joseph
      My Part in Germany's Fight - Early Kampfzeit diaries.

   Bacque, James
      Other Losses - The murder of German POWS by Allies in WWII.

   Irving, David
      The Destruction of Dresden - The real Holocaust, circa 1945.

   Devi, Savitri
      The Lightning and the Sun - Essential work of NS thought.

   Hohne, Heinz
      The Order of the Death's Head - The story of the SS.

   Kubizek, August
      The Young Hitler I knew - The Fuhrer's boyhood friend.

   White, Bill
      National Socialism: Yesterday & Today
Political Science and Statecraft:

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   Burke, Edmund      
      Reflections on the French Revolution - Fundamental work.

   Bork, Robert
      Slouching Toward Gomorrah - Paleoconservative blast.

   Hoskins, Richard K.
      War Cycles, Peace Cycles - Politics, economics, and race.

   Machiavelli, Niccolo
      The Prince - The basic textbook on the subject.

   Perloff, James
      The Shadows of Power - Good, basic intro to CFR/Trilaterals.

   Peter, Laurence J.
      The Peter Principle - Why things don't work in society.

   Schama, Simon
      Citizens - The story of the French Revolution.

   Tucker, Robert
      Stalin In Power - The monstrous modern master in action.
Racial Theory and Philosophy

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   Chamberlain, Houston Stewart
      The Foundations of the Nineteenth Century

   George, Wesley Critz
      The Biology of the Race Problem - Comes well recommended.

   Lawrence, T. E. 
      The Seven Pillars of Wisdom - Part history, part philosophy.

   Oliver, Dr. Revilo
      America's Decline - The greatest post-war Aryan polemicist.
      Conspiracy or Degeneracy? - His famous 1966 speech.

   Putnam, Carleton
      Race and Reason - Academic but definitive and convincing.
      Race and Reality - Sequel to above work, equally good.

      Republic - Often called the earliest surviving work of Fascist theory.

   Robertson, Wilmot 
      The Dispossessed Majority - Excellent intro to race issue.
      The Ethnostate - The author's latest update to the above.

   Rosenberg, Alfred
      The Myth of the Twentieth Century

   Rushton, Dr. J. Philippe 
      Race, Evolution and Behavior - Recent work.

   Simpson, William Gayley 
      Which Way Western Man? - Profound and powerful.

   Spengler, Oswald
      The Decline of the West - Heavily influenced the Fuhrer.

   Taylor, Jared
      Paved With Good Intentions - Affirmative action analysis.

   Yockey, Francis Parker
      Imperium - An essential cornerstone of our cause.
Revolution, The Art and Science

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   The Anarchist's Cookbook
   The Art of War
   Bayo, Gen. Alberto
      150 Questions for a Guerrilla - Castro's guerrilla trainer.

   Bern, Major H. Von Dach
      Total Resistance - Swiss Army guerrilla manual.

   Breen, Dan
      My Fight for Irish Freedom

   Coogan, Tim Pat
      The I.R.A.

   Glubb, Sir John
      Soldier for the Arabs - "Glubb Pasha" beat Zionists in 1948.

   Guevara, Che 
      Guerrilla Warfare - Valuable manual for advanced study.

   Hoffer, Eric
      The True Believer - Revolutionary psychology handbook.

   Hopkinson, Michael
      The Irish War of Independence

   O'Malley, Ernie
      On Another Man's Wound

   Pierce, William L. 
      Hunter - How to manual disguised as fiction.
      The Turner Diaries - How-to manual disguised as fiction.

   Saxon, Kurt
      The Poor Man's James Bond - A little more practical than most.
Southern Nationalism

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   I'll Take My Stand: The South and the Agrarian Tradition - Southern agrarian authors speak out on their Folk.
   The Diaries of Mary Boykin Chestnut - What the Old South was REALLY like.
   Tombee - The diary of an antebellum planter in South Carolina.
   Bowers, Claude
      The Tragic Era - The best book ever written on Reconstruction.
   Bradford, M. E.
      Against the Barbarians - Southern nationalist essays.
   Dixon, Thomas
      The Clansman - The book on which "Birth Of A Nation" was based.
   Helper, Hinton Rowan
      The Impending Crisis In The South - 1856 warning cry.
   Tourgee, Albion
      A Fool's Errand - A carpetbagger's butt is kicked by the Klan.
   Wilson, Clyde N.
      The Essential Calhoun (The Library of Conservative Thought)
   Workman, W. J.
      The Case for the South - 1960 Nationalist work. A-1.

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   Allen, Gary
      None Dare Call it Conspiracy
   Chittum, Thomas W.
      Civil War Two
   Damasio, Antonio 
      Descartes' Error
   Savinar, Matt
      The End of the Oil Age
   Steyn, Mark
      America Alone by Mark Steyn
   Steele, Edgar
      Defensive Racism
   Thomson, Eric
     The Chosen One
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Re: Reading List

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Just before he was killed, Commander Rockwell made one last contribution to the struggle of his people. On the morning of his death, he completed the manuscript of a new book. It was to be the concluding act of his life's work - a final testament and appeal to the Aryan World. He called it WHITE POWER.

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Re: Reading List

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I can't recommend Rockwell enough. Granted, he's dated, but I think he'll make a comeback. Blatant Marxism has a way of making his material relevant again.
A. W. Donner

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