What really destroyed Classical European Civilization

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Re: What really destroyed Classical European Civilization

Post by andydonner »

Other thoughts worth considering on this subject. Apologies to the OP, but we can't let certain issues just fester. When a particular race is immune from criticism as a whole, that automatically creates a "pro-<that race>" atmosphere. There are plenty of Christians associated with the Movement and the Party who don't feel any such compulsions. One of the things I had to get over when I first found the Party was whether or not I would be on a pro-jew or pro-Aryan track in my thought from that point on. Even if we're going to fall back on a religious idea, what about a religion means I can't criticize a bunch of parasites when they're leading the effort to eliminate my race (and succeeding, too)? To further the point, their leadership says they're doing what they're doing strictly because they're jews. We don't really need to go anywhere past that point.

I realize NorthLouisiana isn't going to bring it up anymore, and that's good, but there's a bit more to be said on the topic which is good for the public to hear. Throughout history, the jews have maintained themselves as a race wherever they went and whatever religion they claim to belong to at the time. That, more than anything, really ought to be all we need to know. They say they're a race and not a religion, so I say they're a race and not a religion (and they're not even the same race as Biblical Israelites). If we're really in favor of our race, why say another race is immune to criticism (especially the jews)? Even in racialist circles that don't tolerate anyone saying there's such thing as a good nigger, we end up with people worried about whether or not there are good jews and the answer is, of course, "No!" since they're not of our race. Continuing to worry about so-called "good jews" shows a problematic understanding of the issue of race and what a jew really is.
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Re: What really destroyed Classical European Civilization

Post by Roy »

Basically, we must stop being so nice to other peoples and just concentrate on our own, I don't really care if there are 'good' non-whites in the world, they don't interest me one bit.

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Re: What really destroyed Classical European Civilization

Post by Gentleman »

I'm a softy on this sort of issue but arguably, in a hypothetical white ethnostate non white folks, including racial and religious Jews irrespective of how nice or sympathetic they are, really shouldn't be around under normal circumstances. There's the rest of the planet for that sort of mingling.

Of course this is all in theory. There isn't a white ethnostate so this kind of talk is kinda silly.

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Re: What really destroyed Classical European Civilization

Post by Elzop »

And there isn't a white ethnostate because? Jews.


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Re: What really destroyed Classical European Civilization

Post by HAC »

Occasionally we all meet individual examples of non-White races whose company is at least tolerable to us. Plus the fact that most of us have to develop the ability to get along with non-Whites on an individual basis in the workplace. (That "spies behind enemy lines" attitude I recommend everybody develop.) But individual exceptions do not invalidate timeless racial truth; indeed, rather they validate it, because they are so clearly the exception to the rule and so few and far between.

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Re: What really destroyed Classical European Civilization

Post by MAC »

NorthLouisiana wrote:Well hey, he is doing better than most people. I don`t buy into the myth that all Jews are bad, but the Jews of Spain at the time really had it coming. When he talks about all Muslims being expelled from Spain after we defeated them, what he not does not say, is that at the time, a Christian meant European, a Jew meant, well a Jew, and a Muslim meant the dark bastard knock off cousins of the Jews, the Arabs...
Jews are not good for any society, even their own. While not every individual is bad, as a race we cannot have them among us. Sure Neil deGrasse Tyson might be an intelligent and decent human, but he's a mud and will have mud children. What guarantee that his children won't be gang bangers? People breed and there is enough evidence that Jews and other muds in general are not health for a White nation. Therefore no mud and especially no Jew are welcome in our homeland.
"Guard well the words you use, for they can be the keys to your freedom or the manacles of your slavery." - me

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Re: What really destroyed Classical European Civilization

Post by Barney »

Even if we accept the idea that there really are "good" (whatevers), rather than "less bad" ones, they aren't White, and to let them in would amount to racial suicide.

I agree with Andy in referring to such creatures as "less bad" (thanks for putting me straight on that elsewhere Andy), but the issue isn't about them. It's about us and our racial survival.

During a war, we have to believe that every one of the designated "enemy" is evil beyond salvation or we will DIE.

If the other races/species want to live, we've got nothing against that as long as they get out of our Homeland.

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Re: What really destroyed Classical European Civilization

Post by AJs »

"What really destroyed Classical European Civilization http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=pl ... _Qpy0mXg8Y "

WOW! :shock: I never thought along those lines before, I did know, I felt something was not quite right but obviously I've been too narrow mined to consider or blinded.

Thanks for sharing this NorthLouisiana

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Re: What really destroyed Classical European Civilization

Post by Iconoclast »

Very informative video, one of the worst things the Jews have done to the White race is to help Muslims get into white nations!!


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