Active Service Unit 10, Chapter 2 & North-West Media

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Active Service Unit 10, Chapter 2 & North-West Media

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I was informed by Andy Donner to post my story elsewhere on the internet but I think it might be able to fit in with the humor section as I recently finished chapter 2 and would like to advertise this!

You can find it all located here, https://diversitylandproductions.wordpr ... e-unit-10/

You may notice Chapter 2 has a slightly different format, I took some suggestions from other folks and decided to break up the wall of text a bit as well as include some quotations to try to help people get in the atmosphere. Here is a Synopsis of the story:

"Active Service Unit 10 follows the lives of young men and women in a guerilla unit operating in the United States of America. Loosely based on the Covington mythos, the American Dream has become the American Nightmare for many. The year is 2026, and America is once again stuck in a dead end war in the Middle East. Gas prices have skyrocketed, food production is now owned by a single corporate entity, pedophilia is all but legalized, and the U.S. is overrun with so many immigrants that English is becoming the second language. Every group imaginable is trying to jump ship, and it’s up to America’s pro-white organizations to secure an existence for our people, and a future for white children."

I am also curious as to what sort of media everyone else here thinks might be necessary for the North-West Front. Anyone have any ideas? Maybe a place online that will give us another audience to introduce our ideas to? Anyone currently working on such things and need any help? (I am thinking of how [REDACTED] likes to troll message boards to spread propaganda).

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Re: Active Service Unit 10, Chapter 2 & North-West Media

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I apologize for having to edit your post. You didn't do anything wrong and you didn't break any rules, but this situation is a delicate one. It's best not to call out well-known entities for behavior which is technically obnoxious since that starts fights.

And to answer your question, the media we need is the media everyone uses right now. Any time there's a major news story or event, Twitter is easy pickings. Just figure out how the event relates to race and spam a particular hashtag with Northwest Front whatever. Any time a very large number of eyes are watching something is the opportunity to strike. This also goes for any other social media outlets where a particular thing is trending. I would note that using your own personal accounts for these things is a very bad idea for obvious reasons.
A. W. Donner

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