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Not a joke, but about Humor

Posted: Fri Jan 20, 2017 8:34 pm
by Matt
I was listening to some old archives and a number of them feature a sort of round-table, or hang out style format (Hearing HAC and Andy laugh is nice). I know things are serious and we Whites are under the wire, but why were these sorts of banter type sessions stopped? To be totally honest, it's really scary how quickly the enemy is closing the noose on us, so hearing you guys just be human and relaxed was really encouraging. Also, there were girls and guys and everyone seemed to be enjoying the camaraderie which I think does a lot to dispel the idea that HAC is just sitting in cabin all alone.

Also, I know I'm a bit flippant sometimes, but none of this waking up process has been easy. I really appreciate everything you guys (Harold, Andy, Gretchen, Trucker, everyone being the scenes) are doing. You know how strange it was to receive a mailing that had hand-written labels and addresses on it? I paused to realize I haven't gotten personalized mail in a long time outside of an annual Christmas Card.

Re: Not a joke, but about Humor

Posted: Sat Jan 21, 2017 2:06 pm
by andydonner
Great question. In reality, they weren't stopped. At least not officially and there was certainly no discussion of doing so. A lot of that ended up just stopping because people get busy. Oddly enough, the Northwest Front seems to be the only White Nationalist... whatever we are... that attracts people who are actually capable of real-world functionality and success. Because of this, they do incredibly well here in the economy of the Pacific Northwest which is doing quite a bit better than just about every other region of the country. When people come here, they tend to do well and this tends to crimp their schedules for Party activity. Strictly speaking, we've got a real crowd here and a few other places around the proposed Homeland, but they're all constantly busy with work and their families (if they have a family.)

And yes, the effect you point out have been noticed by plenty of others who have asked very similar questions of us. We're not at all opposed to the group bull sessions, but the way I remember things going is that almost every single time they happened, it was spontaneous. Sure, there were exceptions, but very few. And we're not opposed to levity, either, but humor does have it's problems in our slice of life. For one, quite a few of the jokes we would make have tended to go over White Nationalists' heads or perhaps touch on sensitive subjects which we couldn't really do safely because of past Movement events.

There's nothing wrong with wanting to laugh off some of your troubles every now and then, but that's likely to be less and less common because there aren't a whole lot of things that really ought to be laughed at. The best advice I can give is channel whatever you can't express through laughter into something that will actually progress the Northwest Imperative.

Re: Not a joke, but about Humor

Posted: Sat Jan 21, 2017 4:03 pm
by Matt
It crosses my mind that maybe an additional reason these people succeed is that when they find their racial identity, they find a missing piece of themselves. I don't know what I was before, but since filling in pride in ourselves and our race, my family has gotten into history, literature, discipline, fitness, and Christian Identity. Once our family had that missing piece filled in, it's like we're not running towards a goal, instead of hopping in circles. Maybe something similar happened to your old friends.