Negro Fatigue - a Public Service Announcement

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Negro Fatigue - a Public Service Announcement

Post by Sebastian »

The text below was sent as a comment in a blog I check regularly. It is one of the funniest, best-written things I have seen recently. So here it is, copied in full, for your enjoyment:

Do you have NEGRO FATIGUE?

Negro Fatigue, or NF, is one of the fastest-growing chronic fatigue syndromes. Month by month, the number of people who are experiencing the symptoms of NF is growing. It affects primarily white people and Asians, mostly between the ages of 25 and 55, although anyone can experience it. City-dwellers are more likely than rural inhabitants to display its symptoms, but NF can strike any white person of any age or locale at any time.

Are you among those suffering from NF? Know these warning signs:

1. Increased blood pressure when in the presence of Negroes, or when viewing images of Negroes on TV or in print

2. Lack of concern with what Negroes want, deserve, think, or feel

3. Diminished patience with behaviors typical of Negroes, e.g., talking loudly in public, crotch-grabbing, ruining theatrical movies etc.

4. Increased awareness of the number of Negroes in one's immediate environment

5. Hyper-alertness when encountering Negroes in public

6. Lack of desire to view or listen to Negro music, video programming, motion pictures, or other entertainments

7. Anomalous behavior (e.g., walking away in mid-sentence) when conversing with other white people who seem concerned with the welfare of Negroes

8. Decreased resistance to using the "N-Word"

9. Increased feeling of annoyance when encountering the term "N-word"

10. Scrupulous avoidance of contact with Negroes at work, school,shops, etc.

11. Hatred or cold indifference toward professional and collegiate sports, especially basketball; increased interest in "white" sports such as hockey, swimming, etc.

12. Sudden lack of shame in "white" behaviors (e.g. earning a living, abiding by the law, monogamous marriage, wearing Dockers, etc.)


If you exhibit any or all of these symptoms, you may have Negro Fatigue. For help in living with NF, please contact your local European Self-Extinction League (ESEL) chapter, or write to:

Eric H. Holder, Jr.
U.S. Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20530-0001

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Re: Negro Fatigue - a Public Service Announcement

Post by crusader01 »

The victor will never be asked if he told the truth- Adolf Hitler

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Re: Negro Fatigue - a Public Service Announcement

Post by NWAristocratClub »

Funny, but very true indeed!

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Re: Negro Fatigue - a Public Service Announcement

Post by andydonner »

Sebastian wrote:... "white" behaviors (e.g. ... wearing Dockers, etc.)
That confirms it! I'm super white!
A. W. Donner

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Re: Negro Fatigue - a Public Service Announcement

Post by MissWhite »

11: They didn't even mention soccer! :evil:

12: I think many times my lack of shame in white behaviors has led people to suspect me of being a racist. It's fun being blatantly, shamelessly white. I like to flaunt my long, glaringly white, 0% tanned legs, and enjoy doing random acts of kindness to my racial brothers. Like today the car in back of me didn't want to let a truck in when we were merging. I saw the white working man in distress and decided to wait and let his whole big long truck in. That felt like a nice little triumph. He looked and stuck his white arm out the window and gave a hearty wave.

ESEL chapter -LOL. Any Esel dumb enough to go to such a chapter should go extinct. :lol:

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