I made one chimp out today at Sams Club

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I made one chimp out today at Sams Club

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Since I'm a newbie here and got my first 2 posts approved today. Thought I'd post a short story that happened to me at the beginning of the month.

I was in my local Sam's club. There was a Negroid buck vender with dreads and all, at an end cap selling fudgie wudgie brand fudge.

Here http://tawood4.wordpress.com/category/u ... ed/page/3/ at date November 20, 2008 is a link to basically what it looked like but insert the mentioned 6'4" spook. Total waste of teeth.

I strolled by completely cracked up right in front of the groid.

After almost pissing myself laughing I had to explain to the groid how ironic it was. I explained the connection to him and fudgie (poop) and the term "fuzzy Wuzzies" in the UK

colonial sense of the term.

By the time I was done I had the groid so pumped up he stormed off in the direction of the Mexi- manager.

Mean while I went to the concession stand for a soda and calmly sat at one of the concession tables with my diet coke and waited for the show.

Sure enough, soon the boon was screaming at the manager

"wat yo due to mi"
"wat yo make mi doo"

The boon continued for about 10 min with his that beeze rayzist" and other monkey shines resulting in the display of fudge being thrown at the manager.

There is nothing like poop throwing show at the zoo to bring a smile to my face.

The police showed up and the aspiring chimp was supervised outside.

I waited a few minutes to leave while I finished my diet coke.

Out side Fudgie Wudgie was in the back of the police car screaming and kicking the back window of the cop car with his "basket ball shoe".

I felt so proud of myself and still can't stop laughing about it.

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Re: I made one chimp out today at Sams Club

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Would have been nice to see the spectacle. :lol:

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Re: I made one chimp out today at Sams Club

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Oh god I hope this actually happened.
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