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Still Handing out Bibles in Chilliwack Schools?

Posted: Tue Oct 30, 2012 9:08 am
by germaniajim
This was my very own home town where I was born and raised, I , along with many other germans spent every spare moment harvesting agricultural commodities every spring and summer. It has always been pro dominantly german and is responsible for feeding a large portion of Canada and parts of the USA. It has always cast a middle finger to canadian jewry when they wanted to ban the Christmas Tree and other Pro Christmas items. The city hall has an elaborate Christmas tree on its front lawn every year along with a picture of one on its Welcome Sign. Even the schools in Chilliwack have been passing out Gideon Bibles until some mussie SOB decided he was offended. I dont think this prick has given his little action much thought if he has a young daughter still attending the school. Geez, I hope he doesnt get any threatening phone calls in that pro white, predominately white population of that part of the Fraser Valley. ... 41240.html