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Noise Reduction Policy

Post by andydonner »

Allowing almost totally limitless conversation on the subject of Party improvement has show those starting the discussion have no intent to Migrate even if they have given material support to the Northwest Front in other ways. Further, experience also has shown these conversations are actually started for two specific purposes; they either surreptitiously give reasons not to Come Home or to insist the Northwest Front
  • provide information and/or engage in political activity allowing ZOG to harm Party associates,
  • perform Movement activity contrary to our stated objectives,
  • approve of bad behavior and/or refusal to Come Home,
  • fawn over the complainant for being brilliant and insightful (which they aren't).
Each of these instigators has no desire to Migrate and the Party has no desire to change itself to please shiftless internet personalities. These threads shall be generally considered punishable offenses, but will be considered on a case-by-case basis by a moderator for compliance with the new policy.

These discussions will be permitted provided the conversation is about the complainant's Migration efforts. This means the conversation must either be about
  • something the Party is doing which impedes your Migration
  • or something the Party hasn't done (but is able to do) which would help your Migration.
Please provide specific examples of which Party policies or actions you wish changed, and also list specific suggestions as to how the situation could improve. Failure to do so will be considered off-topic and result in a thread lock as well as other action(s) at the discretion of the moderation team.
A. W. Donner

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