Observations From a New Guy

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Observations From a New Guy

Post by FreeMyLand »

I'm relatively new here, although I have heard of the northwest migration concept for a while. In the past I wasn't convinced that this was the only/best solution - but I have finally realized that I was wrong. A white northwest migration and the forming of a Northwest American Republic is really the only practical way to ensure our survival and there is no arguing that fact. In the past I doubted whether the northwest was actually the best place, but at this point I don't think it really makes a difference. There is already a movement underway, and the migration of white people, who are interested in the preservation of their people and culture, to a single geographical region is the only important factor. I will say that after listening to many of the podcasts and conducting my own research, that I have now come to the conclusion that the Northwest is in fact an ideal location for this purpose - I am slow and it just took me a while to come to the same conclusion that most of you have already known!

Before I begin, I would like to state that these are my opinions and impressions - I am not trying to disparage others thoughts or opinions. I realize that my ideas and thoughts may not be popular for some, but I also believe that if a Northwest American Republic is to become a reality, we need to perhaps do more than just preach to the choir.

It seems there are two main facets of developing a population that supports a Northwest American Republic. One being a migration of European descended peoples to the Northwest and the second being the white population that already currently exists in the northwest. There should be just as much of an emphasis on winning the hearts and minds of the existing northwest population, as there should be for getting people to migrate to the northwest. The 'White Box' program as suggested by Gentleman on this forum is exactly the types of activities that I think would make great inroads in converting people over to our side. The Northwest Front needs to become a popular movement among whites - and not portrayed and viewed as a right wing fringe movement. If we are going to be able to take a portion of the northwest, it needs the support of a majority of its inhabitants.

When I first looked at the Northwest Front website, I was greeted by an image of a husband and wife sitting in front of their house with the tricolor flag hanging on the front porch. I immediately thought to myself, finally someone gets it. That image, in my opinion, is the image that should come to mind when someone mentions Northwest Front or Northwest American Republic. I was happy to see a website that did not display the old Nazi imagery of past movements.

My thoughts about this comes from thinking of who I might be able to recruit to migrate to the northwest. There are many who I know who would be open to an anti-Zionist white homeland, while these same individuals would also look at swastika in the same light as a hammer and sickle. There are those who would read the Northwest American Republic constitution and be agreement with it - but would be opposed to something labeled National Socialist.

To win the hearts and minds I think we need to use a less blunt soft approach. There are many militias forming across the country (and in large numbers) whose members listen to shows like Mark Koernke's Intelligence Report on Liberty Tree Network. On that show he has turned up the pressure against the Jews and Zionists, and openly talks about them daily. He however calls them Jews, Zionists, Jewish Mafia, Jewish Organized Crime, and shysters - avoiding the more blunt term kike. The listeners of his show, in my opinion, know exactly what is going on with Zionism and its anti white agenda. They might not be aware of the extent of the genocide that is taking place against people of European descent, but I don't think it would be that difficult to show them the light. I don't think, however, that they would ever be willing to identify themselves as Nazis or socialists. Bringing down the threat of international Zionism - Yes. Preserving the white race and culture - Yes. Breaking away from a Zionist controlled anti-white federal government - Yes. Supporting Nazis and National Socialism - A Big No. And it is this last part that should not prevent them from supporting a free white homeland, since they would agree with everything presented except for certain terminology.

I have listened recently to the 01/27/11 RFNW podcast and this specific topic was kind of brought up with a listeners email in which HAC responded 'at some point we have to stop compromising and tell the truth', which I somewhat disagree with. We do need to tell the truth, and there can be no compromise on what needs to happen. But I think we do need to compromise on how we go about approaching the large segment of white America that is under Zionist PC brainwashing. We can't turn them off before they are even willing to listen to our message. If we watch our language to broaden our appeal (and at the same time appear as a mature educated movement), I don't think the message needs to be watered down at all. If saying nigger and kike makes us feel better, in my opinion we can do it amongst ourselves. I think the big appeal to saying certain things is the fact that we are constantly bombarded with PC, and it is nice to have a place to speak freely and candidly. I agree, but I do not think a political or social movement which is trying to gain the support of a large number of whites (most of whom are currently under Zionist influence), both in the northwest territory and beyond, is the correct venue to do so.

One small example of what I am trying to convey is when I look in the media section of the NF website, there are lots of spectacular graphics and images there. But I don't think anything depicting German soldiers from WWII is helpful in any manner. I don't think it would be attractive to the majority of white Americans, anymore than a depiction of French WWI soldiers would be appealing to Germans in the 1930s. I personally don't have a problem with this, but I feel that people who we should be trying to reach would (again, why preach to the choir). Perhaps instead we should be using something like the imagery of minutemen and revolutionaries of America's past. After all, there is documented proof that America's founders were opposed to a mixed society and were also very suspicious of international Jewry. I think many of them, after seeing what America has become, would enthusiastically support a Northwest American Republic.

I think we need to take a close look at what has worked and failed in the past. We need to try to figure out what many potentially like minded whites may have been opposed to in the past, and try to distance ourselves from that. There is absolutely nothing in the NF platform or the NAR constitution that would be troubling to many - we just need to get more eyes to honestly digest the material and learn why a Northwest American Republic is needed to preserve our people. The objection for many, I feel, would be to the leftover Nazi movement imagery and allusions - and it is this that I think could perhaps be detrimental to the overall cause. I think expecting supporters to be Jew-wise and white nationalist is enough common ground - and not much more should be needed or expected. That is why I like the fact that the NF is open to Christians, Pagans, etc. - because that cannot be yet another reason to divide our people.

Again, these are just my initial impressions, and I am not trying to be divisive in any manner. Overall, I am extremely impressed with the NF and we are currently planning on relocating to the northwest. I just think that with a little fine tuning, and perhaps a little self censorship, that we can appeal to a much wider white audience and gain the popular support of the people that the NAR and NVA would need in the future. I also hope there will be an emphasis on programs and ideas to win over the existing white population in the Northwest, regardless if they currently consider themselves left-wing or right-wing. For instance, there was a study conducted (http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/201 ... erica.html) that found that White Americans feel they are more discriminated against than blacks (as they should), and I think these feelings will grow - and as a result these people should be embraced by the NF and we should not give them any reason to doubt our legitimacy, sincerity or purpose.

I would love to hear anyone's thoughts on these topics and my initial impressions. I hope my comments are helpful in future recruiting campaigns for the NF.

*Edited to reduce word count (I know its still too long).

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Re: Observations From a New Guy

Post by Bluegrass »

I'm saddened no one has replied to your informative post. I feel there is not enough self-critique of the NWF, and posts like this are the first step to a create a truly powerful white racial movement.

"When I first looked at the Northwest Front website, I was greeted by an image of a husband and wife sitting in front of their house with the tricolor flag hanging on the front porch. I immediately thought to myself, finally someone gets it. That image, in my opinion, is the image that should come to mind when someone mentions Northwest Front or Northwest American Republic. I was happy to see a website that did not display the old Nazi imagery of past movements."

I agree heartily with this statement. I've spent a lot of time on reading articles by dissident right authors, visiting racist intellectual sites and other nationalist socialist style websites heavily swayed by the Nazi aesthetic.

I'm ethnically German, but I do not speak the language nor do I worship its habitual history of petty totalitarianism and aggressive war (though, thanks to Pat Buchanan, I know whose responsible for WW2 and 1). Yes, the world would be a much better place had the Third Reich won the war, but I hardly worship the plebeian appeal of Nazism. And, like any Northern European should, I feel distaste for the supposed romanticism of war and the emotional propaganda of our leaders.

WW2 culminated in the destruction of White ethnic spirituality, leaving only hallow emptiness within our peoples. This acted as a moral vacuum, which was quickly filled with the ideological yet poisonous creations of the Jewish mind. It is the reason the European peoples of today drift with a a kind hollowness in their souls, which together has synthesized into a massive, yet implicit decision by all of Occidental man to let our peoples die by mere infertility

This spiritual phenomenon is what the NWF must orient its appeal around. To rebuild a sense of futurity, a sense that there is hope, and something real ahead that justifies the continuation of our bloodlines.

So, like yourself FreeMyLand, I was also taken aback by the bright presentation of the NW ideal. It did not have the dry, militarized blackness of the Nazi aesthetic. It was a positive feeling, an almost fertile feeling , showcasing the foundation of the future instead of merely appealing to some nihilistic sense of antagonism to the modern age.

I do not care if the front picture is some stock photo of a family with a photoshopped Northwest flag. It is a commendable piece of propaganda and imagery: the two necessities which White Nationalists have proven utterly incompetent time and time again.

"but would be opposed to something labeled National Socialist."

Harold is likely heavily influenced from his old WN days, and I believe he sometimes lets that slip when trying to mass appeal to all racially conscious Whites: be they racial-libertarian (what I consider describes my politics), Pagan, national socialist, old line southern conservative, White-Christian etc etc.

Sometimes, I wish he would steer clear from the nuts and bolts of a Northwest Republic and focus on the spiritual malaise of White America. His "character" issue I suppose, for which he is scathingly accurate and poignant.

"Yes. Preserving the white race and culture - Yes. Breaking away from from supporting a free white homeland, since they would agree with everything presented except for certain terminology."

I agree here. I love RFN, and I've listened to roughly half of its podcasts. However, particularly in panel discussions, Harold and the team fall into the habit of generalizing and simple degradation of other peoples. Yes, I've read 1984, I know that to control the language is to control the mind, that eliminate certain words is to ultimately eliminate their very mental conceptions. However, the habit of the panel discussions and by Axis Sally and Harold individually to wallow in the constant repetition of "niggers, Kikes, spics, gooks and faggots" is entirely in too negative for me. White Nationalism has no dearth of negativism, but we fail if we base our ideology on the hate of other races instead of the love of our own. I know that sounds esoteric and circular, but in fact it is one of our main hindrances when we try to appeal to the Whites we wish to sway: that being those Whites who are spiritually barren, who drift hopelessly in a modern world that offers nothing beyond the materialism of the present.

They search longingly for hope, in its purest form. Decrying the foulness of niggers does not lead to breaking away from White suicidal malaise.

I know and work with many amiable and respectable Black, Asian, and Hispanic families and individuals. I respect them to the fullest, and I wish to possess a White Nationalism that they can both relate to and understand. My ideology is not based on revulsion to their peoples: far from it, I believe racial Nationalism is the ultimate form of diversity and multiculturalism, which protects against cultural and racial destruction by the hands of modern amalgamation.

In separation we can guarantee our identity and future. In mutual respect we can avoid transgressions amongst the races, and against the suicidal guilt or lasting hate that often follows from those transgressions. The Northwest Front should represent a White Nationalism that the rest of the world will one day understand and respect, much like how the world understands and respects Japanese nationalism and their love of racial purity.

"One small example of what I am trying to convey is when I look in the media section of the NF website, there are lots of spectacular graphics and images there. But I don't think anything depicting German soldiers from WWII is helpful in any manner."

Again, I agree with this. Though the Nazi aesthetic has a clean, professional, militaristic and emboldening power to it, it still represents a time of loss and tragic death. It only appeals to the White Nationalists who see the modern world in terms only in terms of how to deconstruct it materially, and not in how to transcend it spiritually.

The heart of our defeat is not military, nor financial. It lays not in the burning building of Berlin, 1945. It lays not in the hate wanton destruction of blacks and mestizos, or of the organized armies of the orient. It lays in the simple, Jewish idea, that our existence is simply not justified nor necessary, and thus indifference is acceptable and only natural. All our problems stem that simple, mental virus, which has for far too long rested comfortably in the minds of every White. It is what we must fight, and the foundation for which all anti-White repression originates.

I hope to see you all Northwest.

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Re: Observations From a New Guy

Post by Jesse »

I believe the NF presents the correct image. Harold is a National Socialist. He does not beat anyone over the head withit, or demand we all become NS.
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Re: Observations From a New Guy

Post by MAC »

I finally got around to reading this very lengthy post (or rather most of it.) Now you see and understand much of what Covington and the rest of the NF people have been pushing on other White Nationalists. While Harold is, well, a National Socialist he understands that it will take more than that to save our people. That is why he has written into his books and the constitution that it will take a convention of all whites to come to a consensus on how to create our new nation. In fact the draft constitution was not written entirely by him but by a committee of white nationalists of varying styles. It's also why he has refused and fought to keep any symbol off the tricolor.

However we must not entirely shun our past. The right images of white soldiers from all armies and even the flags should be kept around. Certain "offensive" words need to be said once in a while to let people know that we do have a right to free speech without being punished for saying particular words. We say nigger, kike, beaner, slope, chink, gook, greaser, porch monkey, jigaboo, faggot, butt muncher, etc. not to be offensive but to let the rest of the world know that we will not be silenced into an Orwellian 1984 and new speak. While I don't use those terms in every day conversations with people, I am not afraid to use them when appropriate.
"Guard well the words you use, for they can be the keys to your freedom or the manacles of your slavery." - me

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Re: Observations From a New Guy

Post by Barney »

I agree with most of what has already been said in this thread, but perhaps I can express the problem more clearly.

Every normal person detests queers (dykes and faggots), not merely because of what they do in private, but because they won't let it stay private, and also because they express such an insane hatred for the normal majority who follow Nature's Plan. If I hear a queer use the phrase "in this day and age" once more, I'll want to throttle the despicable pervert.

Every WN knows muds aren't like us, and niggers are (in my opinion at least) much lower on the evolutionary scale than gorillas.

Some individual members of the lesser species ("races") do learn to become civilised though, and even a few queers know how to behave in public, and that's one of the things we're up against.

As well as all the multicult and "PC" crap, the jews have poisoned people's minds with their "holyhoax" and "poisecution" garbage while they stab us in the back.

I remember how difficult it was for me to accept that the "documented" and "proven" stories of Nazi atrocities weren't true, and that it was the jews blaming others for things they'd done themselves, primarily in Russia and Palestine.

The vast majority actually believe the jew lies about "evil Nazis" and six innocent jews (ok, they say 6 million. I say six) murdered in gas chambers for no reason. People actually believe jews are persecuted because White People are afflicted by a mental illness, causing us to "hate" anyone who happens to be "different" in some way.

They believe White People were responsible for the slave trade. They believe the Nazis really did try to exterminate the jews. They believe the jew lies about being a persecuted minority. They believe all the "noble savage" and "all the same under the skin" crap.

If we only hear one side of a story, we don't normally realise there could be another side until it's pointed out to us, so most people just believe whatever they're told, whether it's in schools or via the tel-aviv-zion, the most powerful brainwashing tool ever invented.

That's our problem. It's our job to inform people that things aren't they way they've always believed them to be, and they can find that hard to accept.

This leads to the following programmed responses (among others). Nazi=evil. Nigger=feel guilty because of what our ancestors supposedly did to their ancestors. Mention the jews and our "guilt" is supposed to go through the roof because of something that didn't even happen at a time when few of us were even born anyway.

We're up against conditioned reflexes, so if we mention certain words, or go about things in the wrong way, we get the door slammed in our faces. People's eyes glaze over and they don't even hear what we say. They "switch off". To them, we become extremists who want to re-enslave the niggers and exterminate the jews.

It's all true for most of us here, though re-segregation rather than re-enslavement would be more appropriate for niggers, but we won't win people over to our cause by challenging their prejudices "head-on".

We need to use tact, gently re-educating our fellow Whites rather than triggering their pavlovian reflexes. We need to explain as rationally as we can what is wrong with the way things are.

One approach is to explain that the different groups have their own cultures that are different to ours, and that too much forced integration will destroy the "diversity" the vermin in government say they value so much.

Where breeding with apes is concerned, we can say the offspring of a mixed marriage will always be less than their parents, that race mixing dilutes both the intellectual capacity of the White parent and the athletic ability of the nigger.

Just a few thoughts.

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Re: Observations From a New Guy

Post by DomTxn »

From what I can see, it all comes down to marketing. Presenting the ideas of the Northwest Migration in such a way as to appeal to the mass of onconvinced people out there. So many people have been brainwashed to the extent that they have a almost Pavlovian negative response to anything that even remotely reminds them of National Socialist Germany. We have to guide these people to the simple truth of their race. We can do this in such ways that we dont alienate or frighten them into preprogrammed responses. We have a lot of work in overcoming decades of Zionist propoganda and programming. We have to be smarter than the jews and their media lapdogs. This is all doable, but it requires a gentle hand, not a closed fist. The closed fist we reserve for our enemies, not our racial brothers and sisters.

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Re: Observations From a New Guy

Post by andydonner »

I've recently had to come around looking for unapproved posts which the message board didn't alert us to correctly. There weren't any here, but I can't help remarking on the contents. While there are certainly many positive points to be made and those here are doing a good job of suggesting them, I'm going to risk thread necromancy to remind everyone of something very specific Mr. Covington and I discussed on this week's RFN. There are enough people aware of who we are and what we intend to do that if they would all just Come Home and do their fair share, we'd have a functional revolutionary Party on our hands.

Image management and all that aside, nothing is going to happen until the people advising us Come Home to the Pacific Northwest and show us how it's done if they honestly believe they know what to do about our current troubles getting traction.
A. W. Donner

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Re: Observations From a New Guy

Post by Arminius »

I agree with your points. I'm wondering if a more European approach would go over better. Maybe a made up name for group instead of North west front. Examples: Grendogha, Dascadia, Hanfordia, Keltogha, then add alliance to the end of it and a circle seal. Drop the alliance after country established.

I believe like you its all in how you market it. Anything that mentions denigrating races triggers liberals. The family on the pamphlet is ideal. I think somewhere in there needs to be the words "Securing a future and prosperity for European Americans" and "US gov is preventing the higher qualified young majority European Americans from educational and industry excellence through racial quotas stemming from the biased diversity agenda."

Maybe hire a morman like team to go into homes. Biggest problem is trying to get 12 million people to move to Northwest without a support system. While country not formed people will have to earn money to live. Maybe lobby a rich guy to buy up housing and provide jobs. White Christians would move if support system in place. White Christians are loyal people. The group leadership also needs to have a professional appearance. T-shirt revolutionaries appear disconnected.

I think if nothing happens in US society to wake white people up then they won't feel threatened enough to leave for northwest.

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Re: Observations From a New Guy

Post by American »

Hi FreeMyLand
Im more or less in the same boat you are in. I was pretty skeptical, that any of this would work. But the thing that has gotten me back into it was this election, and the fact that I think this time the “Civil Rights” movement has went totally off the deep end of Hypocrisy to the point it cannot be hid.

I think the “AltRight” phenomena which in spite of what some say, is trending to a young white movement. I know a young guy personally who is what the Lib Media might call “Racist” but at the end of the day I think he is right on most of this stuff. I have never much as liked the “White Guilt Idiots” in our society. Im tired of paying for their lifestyle also.

I think this time the White Nationalist Movement has legs, like it has not in the past. Many people including yours truly are just fed up with the lies and completely stupid hypocrisy from the melting pot cultural cesspool.

I think most of us would just rather be helping our own people and building our own nation as opposed to working our selves to death so a few wealthy Jewish Banksters can build a global plantation.

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